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In Greenland Fiord Tours we believe in authentic tours is best way you can get your experince in Greenland. thats why we only use local employee.

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Our summer in Greenland is short, sunny and full of experiences that we look forward to sharing with you. During the summer months the temperature is pleasant and the sun is in the sky 24 hours a day, throwing it’s light over the mountains, the city and the fjords. You can explore historic sites, experience the wonderful midnight sun and even see the impressive whales!
The summer season offers unique experiences in the wonderful surroundings of the Greenland’s fjords.
You must visit Greenland during this time if you fancy experiences on the sea, in the mountains and in the nearby settlements. It is easy to explore and you don’t need special Arctic skills to take a trip with us! 

Winter Season

The winter in Uummannaq is absolutely fantastic, you can experience snow, dog sleds and northern lights. With us, winter extends from November to May. It’s a long season where you have plenty of opportunities to join our trips in the Arctic.
Winter is the time of the year when the dogs start wagging their tails and get excited for the sleds and long walks beyond the frozen Uummannaq Fjord.
Winter is also the time of year when the northern lights dance in the sky, forming a perfect scene.
Visiting Uummannaq during the winter months is a delight for the soul. We can’t wait to welcome you to our winter excursions, and we are looking forward to showing you a world of snow and ice.