Hiking Excursions Package Greenland

Hiking in Greenland is a great opportunity to explore new land, discover new hunting areas and challenge yourself.

At Greenland Fiord Tours we take pride in crafting different excursions for different people, whether you dream of walking in the footsteps of polar scientists or conquering high mountains, we will provide you a once in a lifetime experience.

Do as the Inuit, roam the countryside and discover the land on your own or book one of our guided hikes.


How to get to Greenland

You can flight with two companies to Greenland at the moment:

Air Greenland // Air iceland Connect

Air Greenland From Copenhagen, Denmark or Keflavik, Iceland Air Greenland

Air Iceland Connect From Keflavik, Iceland  Air iceland Connect.

Team Greenland Fiord Tours

Team Greenland Fiord Tours