Kayaking // Canoing

Do what the old Inuit in Greenland have be doing for many years, explore Greenland at the sea side, travel by land and explore your surroundings, or even spot the big whales blowing in the deep, cold water with the icebergs in the background.

You could also go to the Kayaking school in Uummannaq where the local Grand Master will teach in a real Greenlandic kayak. Join him on a private tour in the fjord of Uummannaq.


How to get to Greenland

You can flight with two companies to Greenland at the moment.

Air Greenland // Air iceland Connect

Air Greenland from Denmark ” Copenhagen” Or Iceland “Keflavik” Air Greenland

Air Iceland Connect from Iceland “Keflavik” Air iceland Connect.

Team Greenland Fiord Tours

Team Greenland Fiord Tours