Summer Excursions

Summer Season

Our summer in Greenland is short, sunny and full of experiences that we look forward to sharing with you. During the summer months the temperature is pleasant, and the sun is in the sky 24 hours a day and throws its light down over the mountain, the city and the fjord. The summer season offers unique experiences in the wonderful surroundings of the Greenlands Fiord. You can eg Experience historic sites, the impressive whales and the wonderful midnight sun.

You must visit Greenland in the summer if you fancy experiences on the sea, in the mountains and in the nearby settlements. It is easy to explore when the sea ice lets go of the fjord, and it does not require special Arctic skills to take on our trips. 

Summer excursions

A summer in Greenland Fiord Tours offers experiences in the Arctic nature when it shows its mild sides forward. During the summer season, our city is buzzing with life and a good mood. The children have summer holidays, and many locals use the good weather to take the family on a boat trip out in the Greenlands Fjord. At Greenland Fiord Tours we also use the good weather to get the boats in the water, and we look forward to inviting you to our races. In the summer you have good opportunities to go on both short and long sailings in the fantastic fjord system of Greenland.

However, you are not the only one who visits the Greenland Fiords in the summer, the whales also visit the fjord at this time of year. Therefore, during the summer, you have a unique chance to get close to the large marine mammals, which with their size and elegance are an impressive sight you will never forget.

Practical Information

The sun is standing in the sky both night and day, but you still need to remember warm clothes and a good jacket. It is cold when we are on the water, therefore it is a good idea with clothes where you have the option of different layers that you can take on and off during the trip. The temperature in summer is typically between 3 and 10 degrees in the shade. It may sound like a cold summer experience, but the air is dry and there are many hours of sunshine. Therefore, it feels warmer than the thermometer shows. We also recommend that you remember practical shoes with a good grip under the sole. Remember that the tours will be a better overall experience if you have clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with and which suit the weather.